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The label of today for tomorrow

Enzo Escoba zeigt, dass man für Stil nicht auf Komfort verzichten muss. Gefertigt aus hochwertiger Bio-Baumwolle und unter fairen Bedingungen produziert, repräsentiert jedes Stück von Enzo Escoba die Symbiose aus modischem Anspruch, nachhaltiger Verantwortung und dem Versprechen außergewöhnlichen Tagekomforts. Die Auswahl an weichen, bequemen Kleidungsstücken, sind ideal für jeden Anlass.

As the sustainable Munich fashion label, Enzo Escoba stands for the common good of all of us. From organic cotton, to fair wages, from appreciative customer communication to the “Enzo Escoba Fashion Circle”, we combine economy, ecology and social issues right from the start. This is the only way to maintain a circular economy from resource extraction to reuse that benefits everyone: the producer, supplier and customer - sustainable business in its purest form.

Since day 1, sustainability and the economy for the common good have been at the top of our agenda and are firmly anchored in our philosophy. We want to show our earth a little more respect and appreciation and offer options that make this place a cleaner place. The fashion industry has a significantly negative impact on climate change and our nature. Be it the enormous CO2 emissions emitted by back-and-forth shipments or the uncontrolled waste of resources and pesticide use when growing conventional cotton.

All Enzo Escoba products reflect our responsibility towards the conscious use of resources and values in our environment - this means the relationship between us as humans and, beyond that, our relationship to our living space - our planet.

Alexander Askovic trägt den oversized Enzo Escoba Hoodie EE Retro in creme.

Proudly made in Bangladesh

Factories according to IAO standards

Factories according to IAO standards "Produly made in Bangladesh" - Production takes place in the best factories (IAO standards) in Bangladesh. We wanted to get to the root of the problem and create change, optimization and alternatives directly on site.


The resulting business relationship contributes to the development of the country. We know about the reputation of clothes from Bangladesh after the catastrophe at the Rana Plaza textile factory in 2013 and that is exactly why we are even more committed to safe and fair working conditions.

Added value in Munich

A large part of the added value takes place in Munich. Our designs, embroidery and prints are made for you in Unterschleißheim near Munich. This means we can be sure which raw materials are used in the processing and can respond flexibly to the wishes of the EE community.


Is “Made in Bangladesh” really sustainable?

It should not be forgotten that the textile industry in Bangladesh enables more than 4.5 million people to live, including many young women, who in this way achieve a certain degree of financial independence. With our producers, we promote and guarantee fair wages, freely selectable employment, no child labor and reasonable working hours.


Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining strengthen employees in the factories. Construction and development instead of forgetting and rejection. The modernity of the production infrastructure and the proximity to the sources of cotton supply and its competitiveness in terms of manufacturing costs is an important key for the textile industry in Bangladesh. Is not just a statement, but our attitude.



Textil-Etikett proudly made in Bangladesh


Close the fashion circle

We want to give the Enzo Escoba items that are already in circulation a second life and thereby close the fashion circle. We want to give you unique added value and ensure a long-lasting life for the Enzo Escoba parts. With the Enzo Escoba Fashion Circle, our customers have the opportunity to send their old Enzo Escoba products back to us and then receive a voucher with which they can purchase the new collection at a lower price.

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